RIDEAU „s/t“ FORMAT: Black Vinyl + CD (in sleeve)

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RIDEAU is a rock band. Its musical vision was born out of another bands death. It’s heavy metal thunder and the shape of punk to come. Songs of ecstasy, emergency and death will shake your soul and ease your mind. So find yourself a quiet place to relax… The band has since the start of 2013 been focused on bringing an explosive live performance by touring around Europe, resulting in a devastating force on any stage that leave no crowd untouched. Their first single “Stand Still” captures the bands vision of music and builds the anticipation of their stellar upcoming debut album that will be released in the spring of 2016.  Rideau’s reputation has spread and in January 2015 the band was nominated in the category of Best New Swedish Artist 2015 by the prestigious Manifest organization (Swedish Independent Music Producers and Labels). During 2015 Rideau have toured Europe and have played the DNA festival at Club Magnet in Berlin as well as St Pauli Rock Café in Hamburg.  In the summer toured Europe that ended with a performance at Free and Easy Festival in Munich. In October Rideau graced the shores of the USA for the first time, playing a sold out show at Webster Hall in New York City.  We believe this Swedish band will take command as leaders of the Nordic rock scene and pick up the torch where bands like Turbonegro, Refused, Hellacopters & Entombed left it, and shake the earth with the Scandinavian rock music that is so widely appreciated and embraced.


1. Eye Closure
2. Ecstasy
3. The Bull and The Dove
4. I Guess It’s So
5. Mayday
6. Reverend Bob
7. Stand Still
8. No Air, No Food, No Luck
9. Bloodshot
10. Dvala
11. Shameday
12. An Act Of Revolution
13. December


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